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From Chakra to Manjaro

I’ve recently moved from Chakra Linux to Manjaro Linux. Here I’m not going to explain why Manjaro and all the Arch-based distro are so fantastic, but I only want to point out why for me Manjaro it’s a better choice than Chakra. Read moreRead more


Redshift plasmoid 1.0 released

In this release the code has been cleaned and commented with doxygen style comments, the files hierarchy has been changed to make everything more clear, the README has been updated and ported to markdown syntax. Because of all this changes the code is now supposed to be easily maintainable. Read moreRead more


Minix Neo X7: Make smart your Dumb TV

I recently bought a Samsung Smart TV but as I expected it is not smart at all, but I consider it pretty dumb. Actually is not the TV that is stupid, but the the real stupids are the Samsung developers and managers.. but this is another point I may analyze in depth in another post. So to add some grey matter to my TV I decided to buy a mini PC. Read moreRead more


Grand opening

Finally, after a lot of hard work simgunz’s Blog is up and running.

I’ve made this blog mainly to provide a homepage for my projects, so that I can share news about them and receive feedback and ideas from the users (I hope). Read moreRead more