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simone_gaiarinMy name is Simone Gaiarin and I’m a PhD student in telecommunication engineering. I’m a Linux enthusiast, a free time programmer and I am thirsty for knowledge. Since I was a child I liked to play around with computers, and since then I’ve developed many interests that span from programming, image editing, audio editing, web developing and many other computer related stuff (that doesn’t mean I’m good at doing all of them). I started using Linux in 2006 and quickly began to enjoy it. In time I began to hack around with the system, writing scripts and finally I begin to program non-hello-world software. Of course I’ve also many computer unrelated interests, such as hiking, reading, experimenting, lucid dreaming, entomology, etc.

The site

I created this site mainly to provide a showcase of my projects, and receive feedback and new ideas about them in the hope to improve them.

Moreover this site is a space where I can pour all my thoughts about Linux and related things. In particular I would like to share the solutions to the problems I face when I program. Sometimes I’ve spent days to solve really weird problems or to understand tricky internal mechanisms of KDE. Writing about them would be a good opportunity to help other newbie programmers like me to save time and to not get too frustrated while programming.

How to contact me


IRC: My username is simgunz. Usually you can find me on the #manjaro channel of the Freenode IRC server.