Minix Neo X7 DIY VESA mount

In this post I’m going to show you how to build a TV VESA┬ámount 200×200 for the Minix Neo X7 for few euros. The mount is used to hang the Neo X7 and possibly a 2.5” hard drive behind the TV in order to hide them. Notice that this solution won’t allow to use the Neo X7 remote anymore, because there won’t be the line of sight between the IR receiver and the remote. In any case the RKRemoteControl App or any Airmouse will still work.

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Persistent Okular review tools

As we all know, Okular is a great piece of software. One of the feature I most like in Okular is the review tools, a system that allows to make any kind of annotation in the document. When I’ve begun using it, I noticed that after selecting a tool and using it once I needed to reselect it for every next annotation I wanted to make. Of course, I’ve found this very frustrating.

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