Redshift Plasmoid 0.6 Released With a Brand New OSD

Redshift plasmoid 0.6 released with a brand new OSD

In this new version of redshift plasmoid I’ve added a simple OSD that displays the current color temperature when in manual mode. The displayed information can be used to set a correct day and night color temperature in the settings page. Moreover, thanks to the contribution of some users, redshift plasmoid is …

Redshift Plasmoid 0.5 Released

Redshift plasmoid 0.5 released

Finally I found some time to update redshift plasmoid.

The major change in the new version is the possibility to set the temperature color manually, a.k.a manual mode. To do so you just need to scroll the mouse wheel over the widget and immediately it switch to manual mode, starting to set the color temperature you …

Grand Opening

Grand opening

Finally, after a lot of hard work simgunz’s Blog is up and running.

I’ve made this blog mainly to provide a homepage for my projects, so that I can share news about them and receive feedback and ideas from the users (I hope).