Automatic Help for Your Shell Aliases

Automatic help for your shell aliases A few days ago I have discovered dotree , a nice litte tool that “wants to be a better home for your aliases and bash functions”. This made me think: do I really need another tool or can I obtain a similar result with a zsh function? So armed with impatience I have asked ChatGPT to write the al function. …

Boot a Windows Partition From Linux Using KVM

Boot a windows partition from linux using KVM

This guide explains how to boot a physical Windows partition inside linux using qemu/kvm and virt-manager. It extends the three tutorials (in particular jianmin’s tutorial) linked in the references section below and tries to provide more detaild step-by-step instructions.

Anki Add-Ons Bulk Update

Anki add-ons bulk update

In the last months I have updated all my anki addons to make them compatible with the newer versions of anki, here is a recap of the changes.

Support Openwords Indiegogo Campaign

Support Openwords indiegogo campaign My friends of the openwords project are trying a new crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. I’ve talked about openwords in a previous post . I think that their project is very interesting and being opensource I think it can contribute in making it easier to learn a new language for anyone. I think it deserves some …