Redshift Plasmoid 0.6 Released With a Brand New OSD

In this new version of redshift plasmoid I’ve added a simple OSD that displays the current color temperature when in manual mode. The displayed information can be used to set a correct day and night color temperature in the settings page. Moreover, thanks to the contribution of some users, redshift plasmoid is being translated in different languages.

If you have any advice or comment on redshift, please post it, so I can understand how you like it and how I can improve it.


  • Add osd for manual mode
  • Add German translation (thanks to Matthias Mail√§nder)
  • Add French translation (thanks to Pierre Buard)
  • Fix cmake dependecies
  • Fix KCFG translation context
  • Add missing icons

Redshift Plasmoid 0.5 Released
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