Anki Add-Ons Bulk Update

In the last months I have updated all my anki addons to make them compatible with the newer versions of anki, here is a recap of the changes.

Fast cards reposition

  • Thanks to the contribution of ijgnd this addon now works with anki 2.1.45+ and has configurable shortcuts.
  • The add-on is now aware of the browser note mode and disables the menu actions when this mode is enabled.
  • Completely refactored the code, which should make the addon more maintainable now.

Minimize to tray

  • Improved the behavior of the add-on when clicking on the tray icon
    • if any anki window is minimized, show all windows
    • if anki is minimized to the system tray, show all windows
    • if the anki window is not in focus, focus it
    • if the anki window is in focus, minimize to tray (this works only in linux and mac)
  • Fixed the exception thrown when trying to focus a deleted widget
  • Fixed a problem in Windows that was preventing anki to start if hide_on_startup is true and there is no internet connection

Maximum image height and width in card editor

  • Add-on adapted to work with anki 2.1.41+

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