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Fluent Forever vocabulary deck builder pre-alpha release

After more than two years of silence, here I’m back again. Today I’ve pushed to github the fluent forever vocabulary deck builder for anki. Read moreRead more


Support Openwords indiegogo campaign

My friends of the openwords project are trying a new crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. I’ve talked about openwords in a previous post. I think that their project is very interesting and being opensource I think it can contribute in making it easier to learn a new language for anyone. I think it deserves some support from whoever is interested in language learning.


Robochameleon: an optical communication systems simulator and data processor

Robochameleon is a coding framework and component library for simulation and experimental analysis of optical communication systems. It has been developed by the members of the DSP section of the High Speed Optical Communication group of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), which I’m currently part of. Read moreRead more


Redshift Control for Plasma 5

Just a quick update to inform you that today a user called clearmartin released a plasmoid called Redshift Control for Plasma 5. Read moreRead more


Fluent Forever vocabulary deck builder progress update

In the last months I’ve been working on the implementation of the Fluent Forever anki add-on, which I first introduced as a mock up in a previous post. The work has progressed, and now I have a working version with some features, here listed. Read moreRead more


KTouch lessons generator

Recently I’ve decided to learn how to type with 10 fingers, so I’ve started using KTouch for learning it. I chose the predefined lesson for the Italian keyboard, and I really enjoyed it. On average, it took about one hour for passing one lesson (two new letters), which I think is a pretty reasonable time. Read moreRead more


Anki add-on: Fast cards reposition

Here’s another Anki add-on I’ve implemented recently. This add-on allows users to reposition new cards (changing the due field) in a fast way from the browser view, without using the reposition tool, which I’ve always found a little cumbersome. Read moreRead more


Support Openwords kickstarter campaign

Few days ago I’ve found an interesting project on Kickstarter called OpenWords. It is a learning language app based on open data, mined from Wikitionary and other resources. The aim of the project is to provide a more general tool for language learning which will cover the majority of the languages in the world. Read moreRead more


Fluent Forever vocabulary deck builder for Anki

In a previous post I’ve discussed about two problems of the Fluent Forever method. Here I present the idea I had to try to solve the second one, i.e., how to build vocabulary decks in a faster way.

The basic idea is to create an Anki add-on that automatically searches and downloads all the media we need to create our cards. Read moreRead more


Anki add-on: Maximum height for images in deck browser

Today I was working on a deck when finally I’ve decided to solve an annoying problem who was nagging me since long time.

The problem is that in the the Anki card editor the images are displayed at full size, so that if the card has many fields it’s not possible to see them all at a glance, but it’s necessary to scroll in order to look at the ones at the bottom.

Read moreRead more