My name is Simone Gaiarin and I am a telecommunications engineer, software developer, and open-source enthusiast. I started using GNU/Linux in 2006 and quickly began to enjoy it. In time, I began to hack around with the system, writing scripts and finally, I begin to program non-hello-world software. Now I contribute to the KDE project. I also have many computer-unrelated interests, such as reading, hiking, traveling, experimenting, and in general, I am always looking to learn new things and try new experiences.

The site

I have created this site mainly to provide a showcase of my projects and receive feedback and new ideas about them in the hope to improve them.

Moreover, this site is a space where I can pour all my thoughts about Linux and related things. In particular, I would like to share the solutions to the problems I face when I program. Sometimes I have spent days solving really weird problems or understanding tricky internal mechanisms of KDE. Writing about them would be a good opportunity to help other newbie programmers like me to save time and not get too frustrated while programming.

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