Support Openwords Kickstarter Campaign

Few days ago I’ve found an interesting project on Kickstarter called OpenWords . It is a learning language app based on open data, mined from Wikitionary and other resources. The aim of the project is to provide a more general tool for language learning which will cover the majority of the languages in the world.

Besides the app itself, which I’ve found very interesting is the database of words they’ve already built by using data mining algorithms. This database is already partially accessible via API and for each word it allows to translate a word, access its definition and other data. The database contains also IPA transcriptions of the words and probably more data, which, if made publicly accessible in the future, can be used by the fluent Forever vocabulary deck builder add-on for Anki.

I think that a tool which provides structured open data about words, together with Forvo which already provide pronunciations for the words, can open the way to new free and open tools for language learning.

So if you like the idea of the app or you just want to support the company in such a way the can keep working on this open database of words, please support their kickstarter campaign .

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