Redshift Plasmoid 1.0 Released

In this release the code has been cleaned and commented with doxygen style comments, the files hierarchy has been changed to make everything more clear, the README has been updated and ported to markdown syntax. Because of all this changes the code is now supposed to be easily maintainable.

One feature that has been added is the support for a global shortcut to toggle redshift on/off. The custom shorcut can be set in the shortcut tab in the plasmoid configuration interface.

Other changes:

  • RedshiftApplet: Improve plasmoid status behavior (when switching to manual mode the widget icon won’t move before few seconds to allow to user to end its interaction)
  • RedshiftApplet: Add global shortcut to toggle redshift on/off
  • Translations: Add Czech translation (thanks to Pavel Fric)
  • Translations: Add Spanish translation (thanks to ThecaTTony)
  • Source code (zip)

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