Redshift Control for Plasma 5

Just a quick update to inform you that today a user called clearmartin released a plasmoid called Redshift Control for Plasma 5.

I know that many of you were waiting for the Plasma 5 porting since long time, but unfortunately the porting of Redshift plasmoid is still not complete. I’ve begun the porting of the backend and the github user ochurlaud wrote the QML interface, but also due to the lack of documentation,  we still haven’t finished. In any case the new plasmoid seems very nice even tough it lacks some feature as activity support and OSD which may be added in the future. Moreover it’s written in full QML so it doesn’t need to be compiled and can be readily installed by anyone. You can get it directly via Plasma, by using the “Get new widget” functionality. 

Here the Kde-apps page. Congratulation to clearmartin who did a neat work.

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